hardwood heating pellets for sale. Hardwood pellets come from sawmill residuals of hardwood lumber or other residuals from hardwood processing. Due to a higher density in its original form, hardwood tends to burn longer and slower than softwood, but at a lower temperature. However, once hardwood and softwood become pellets, they are compressed to a similar density and burn in a much more similar manner. However, hardwood pellets will not burn quite as hot as softwood pellets due to a lower concentration of lignins in the wood. What matters, in the end, is quality — whether hardwood or softwood, a wood pellet is only as good as the company making it. The species of wood for the pellets is never the deciding factor. Learn more about the hardwood vs. softwood myth by visiting our Resources section.

Our hardwood pellets for pellet stoves are certified under the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) Standards program, but they also meet the Energex Standard, which goes well beyond industry expectations. We sell only hardwood pellets that provide high BTUs per pound (8,500+) and have a low ash content (one percent or less). Made in our Mifflintown, Pennsylvania plant, our hardwood fuel pellets are available across the mid-Atlantic and parts of the Northeast.


Many homeowners have chosen hardwood pellets as their pellet of choice since fuel pellets’ invention in the 1980s. As one of the standard options for fuel pellet heating, they can do exactly what you’re looking for — heat your home comfortably and sustainably. At Energex, we produce two kinds of hardwood fuel pellets:

  • Hardwood Super Premium: This option is for customers who want the best solution out there. While we already hold our Hardwood Premium pellets to lofty standards, we set aside the highest grade of our incoming kiln-dried hardwood fiber to make this top-shelf wood pellet. We created our Hardwood Super Premium pellets for the discerning homeowner. We source select raw materials that make pellets with an ash content under 0.5 percent. Half of the Hardwood Premium’s already low ash content. For a slightly higher investment, you get the security of knowing your ash pan will not need to be emptied for an extended period of time. hardwood heating pellets for sale

For your convenience, we also offer our hardwood pellets in bulk deliveries across the state of Pennsylvania. Businesses and homes alike can enjoy clean and affordable hardwood pellet heating without the fuss of transportation. We’ll gladly provide solutions for customers who don’t have bulk storage options for their pellets.


Energex meets your heating needs by setting some of the highest quality standards in the wood pellet industry. Our production methods don’t only meet the Pellet Fuels Institute’s (PFI) Standards Program expectations — they surpass them. We ensure that every product leaving our factory goes well beyond the specifications of PFI’s Premium Grade. When you buy Energex, you get the best hardwood pellets on the market to. Heat your home and top customer service from industry professionals. buy weed in the uk

Why risk your stove? Experience the Energex Standard for yourself. Find an arms dealer near you to purchase the best home heating option you can find. Or, become a dealer to see how Energex will increase your business. Join the movement for clean, sustainable energy today. hardwood heating pellets for sale


1 Ton- 50 Bags, 3 Ton- 150 Bags, 5 Ton- 250 Bags, 10 Ton- 500 Bags


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